dog-walking-trailOur walks take place in a variety of settings from open parkland to heavily wooded forests or a combination of both. We often decided on a place to walk given the weather at the time, if it’s sunny and hot then we go to places with plenty of shade and a pond or river or two to cool off in! Fun is mandatory and we actively encourage play!

We also provide a shower and shampoo service for your dog after their walk has finished. We recognise that you don’t want to come home to a dirty dog so we will shower and shampoo your dog with our on board doggy showers and then towel dry them off. We can’t promise to get them dog groomer clean but we think it might save some of the paw prints across your carpet and furniture!

We often take short video clips while we are out and about and can send them via email or WhatsApp if you have it installed on your smartphone.


Dog Walking

A minimum of one hour off the lead walk (in agreement with you the owner) including pick up and drop off with a maximum of three hours away from home for pick ups and dropping off. Include in this price is a water change and feed if required.

£12.00 for the hour. No charges for pick up and drop off.
£8.00 for the hour for a second dog from the same household.

Doggy Day Care

We can pick up your dog between 8-9a.m. and keep your dog until 5-6p.m. (if you so wish) at which time we will drop off back to your home or office. We also offer an early start with pick up from 6a.m. (light permitting). Included in the day is a minimum of 2×1 hour walks off the lead.

This all day service is priced at £27.00 per day between the hours of 9a.m. to 5p.m.
Service from 6.a.m. to 5p.m. is charged at £30.00 per day.
Hours after 6p.m. (by arrangement) charged at £5.00 per hour.

One to One walks

If you prefer your dog to be walked alone, either on or off the lead we operate a service between the hours of 6.a.m. and 8.a.m. and from 4p.m. until 8p.m. (light permitting). This is a bespoke out of hours service and therefore incurs a high rate.

£20.00 for the hour. No charges for pick up and drop off.

Holiday/Pet sitting

If you are going away on holiday we provide a stress free alternative to kennels or catteries for your pets. Not only will your pet be less stressed but also a visible presence will be in your house for the time you are away providing you the homeowner with additional piece of mind. We keep the use of your services to a bare minimum and do not need to use any other room than the one you provide us with. We achieve this by bringing our own camp bed and bedding so if need be we can even sleep in the garage! We would only leave your pets for a maximum of three hours to return home to shower and catch up with family and business.

The charge for this service is £300.00 per week (just over £42.00 per day) and any additional part thereof. This includes 2×1 hour dog walks per day, your dog will never be left alone other than the times already indicated. Additional pets are at no extra charge for their care.

For cats only the charge is £200.00 per week and any part thereof. Additional small animals at no extra charge.

Cat Feeding/Small Animal Care

We can provide a cat feeding service if you are out at work on long days or shifts or anything in-between. We come to your house twice a day to feed your cat, clean out any litter trays and spend some time playing with your cat if it is at home. The same can be done for all other small animals if we are provided with your feeding regime for that animal and how you like it to be cleaned out etc etc. This service also provides another alternative to the stressful environments of a cattery.

The charge for this service is £15.00 per day for two visits including all animals in the house other than dogs.

Pet Taxi

We are fully insured to provide you and your animals with a pet taxi service in the evenings only (4p.m. onwards). We charge no extra for waiting times. The service includes picking up, dropping of and waiting for your return. We require at least two days advance booking for this service.
This service is charged at £1.50 per mile with a minimum fare of £5.00.